Hello, and welcome to Bargain Brander. This is the right place to be if you would like a new internet domain name for your business, product, or service.
   All businesses now need an internet domain name to be competitive in an ever increasing market. Get your bargain brand name and logo, here, at Bargain Brander, and get your business recognised around the World.
   Most of my domain names are less than $100 USD each including the logo (if required). There is no more for you to pay except for your own costs to develop the web site or product.
   All the domain names listed here are registered at GoDaddy for a quick and easy transfer to your account. If you don't have a GoDaddy account; it will only take a couple of minutes to register one, and it's free to do so.  

   After payment has been made safely and securely by PayPal, your domain name will be transferred to your account within 24 hours or much less depending on Worldwide time zones.
   Many businesses already have a web site; but want to use a new brand name and logo to promote a new product or service. Please check out the brandable domain names here for quick and easy use. They can also be used to forward traffic to your existing site. You can also use your existing site to forward traffic to your new brand name.
   I have some premium internet domain names available if you are looking for something really special. Please check them out at the bottom of this page.
     Good luck with your search. I hope I can be of help to you with a new name for your product or service.  

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A catchy, easy to pronounce name.

​Only $75


Just right for a Canadian shipping or truck rental company

Only $75


A really good name for a printer ink supplier

Only $80

When using the Buy Now feature, please include your Godaddy details with your payment, including your email address associated with the GoDaddy account.


Good for water drilling

Only $65


A strong internet name

Only $90

Bargain Brander

Where Your Image is Everything !


A short catchy name

​Only $120


A logo designer's site

​Only $85


A very strong name for an App provider

Only $90


For Hair styling or fashion design

Only $75


A name for a fashion store or boutique

Only $90


3b or anything related to three

Open to offers.


Provide App's from your site

Only $60


Goes great with coffee

Only $85


plus Uare.uk

2 names for 1 price

Only $99

A short trendy name

​Only $95


For more information please contact ralph@ralphcockrell.com

All businesses need a name that their customers can relate to and easily remember. If that name is short, catchy, and easy to type in, it will be a brand name to call their own. Once people know that name, they'll type it in. Each time they type it in, it will become fixed in their minds, and become the first and easiest site to visit.

That is your site !


Many multi-national companies are changing their brand name and image to a short and unique name instead of long keyword names. They can spend millions on re-branding; but you don't have to. You can get a new brand name and image here for a very small outlay of your funds. Your image is everything !