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When you buy a domain name here, you also get the logo with it; and the copyright to that logo becomes yours to use as you wish.

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Goes great with coffee

Only $85

All businesses need a name that their customers can relate to and easily remember. If that name is short, catchy, and easy to type in, it will be a brand name to call their own. Once people know that name, they'll type it in. Each time they type it in, it will become fixed in their minds, and become the first and easiest site to visit.

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Many multi-national companies are changing their brand name and image to a short and unique name instead of long keyword names. They can spend millions on re-branding; but you don't have to. You can get a new brand name and image here for a very small outlay of your funds. Your image is everything !


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3b or anything related to three

Open to offers.


Good for water drilling

Only $65


A catchy, easy to pronounce name.

​Only $75


A really good name for a printer ink supplier

Only $80



A great name for a holiday / vacation site

​Only $150

Bargain Brander

Where Your Image is Everything !

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A good name for any site selling modern craft works

​Only $75


A logo designer's site

​Only $85


For Hair styling or fashion design

Only $75


A strong internet name

Only $90


A short catchy name

​Only $120


Provide App's from your site

Only $60

A short trendy name

​Only $95


A cool name for a photo archive/library

Only $90


​A brilliant name for a Stock photo site, or for an upload site for social media

Only $120


A very strong name for an App provider

Only $90


A name for a fashion store or boutique

Only $90


Just right for a Canadian shipping or truck rental company

Only $75


plus Uare.uk

2 names for 1 price

Only $99